We have been talking about Siri`s port to iPhone 4,and iPod Touch 4G for some time now and we keep getting good news about successful porting of Siri, the intelligent voice control. We first got the news about porting Siri`s GUI installed on iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4G, but had problems with connecting to Apple`s servers. A short while after we receive even better news about successfully connecting Siri to Apple`s servers”Mission control,I read you loud and clear”.

And only when iPhone users started day dreaming about acquiring Siri on their older idevices, they were shot down. The files used to operate Siri on the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch were hacked from a jailbroken iPhone 4S which were acquired illegally, and so as not to be part of illegal actions,they files can`t be made public.

Chpwn explained today in a blog post that the reason behind shackling Siri`s port files comes down to copyrights. Apple holds the copyright on the software, images, and data inside iOS. In other words, any attempt to copy, distribute, or modify these files will only result in a copyright violation lawsuit.

“..the firmware files are distributed encrypted, and we do not yet have the decryption key to access the Siri files inside of the iPhone 4S firmware file.Just from that, you currently must already own an iPhone 4S to install Siri on it without a blatant copyright violation. But even that’s not all: if you do all of that, there’s still a few more reasons why Siri won’t just work.”

So, until the decryption keys are found for Apple’s IPSW files, Siri will not be made available to the public.


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