Surely you’ve heard of the fake Apple stores in Chine. At first 5 was discovered then there was 22 more which later changed their name to “Smart Stores”. Now there is a new one but it is the most impressive we have to say and its located in Zhongshan, China.
This fake Apple Store got all right with a “Back To School” offer giving every student who buys a MacBook a 1000 Yuan which approximately equals $156. The employees has the Blue T-shirts with the Apple Logo on it and on the back of it Sinzd logo which seems to be the actual name of the store. Also the product which is sold inside is all real and not fakes. and they have got it all iPhones, iPods, iPads, MacBooks and more.


Here is a video of it :

Do you think it is that impressive?

Via | Redmondpie


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