Back in December 2010, Apple announced the increase of the iTunes song preview limit to 90 seconds for the USA iTunes store. This announcement had very good impressions. Apple has now started rolling out 90 seconds song previews to international iTunes stores.

iTunes Store is the biggest online portal used for purchasing music, movies and other related content online. It generates millions of dollars in revenue for Apple and for those who have their content up for sale on the iTunes Store.

Many people want to listen to considerable length of the track before buying it. For that, Apple and individual record labels sat down together and worked out how to increase song preview length in the US iTunes Store.

It took a while to get this up and running for international stores as well. But, a report now confirms that 90 second iTunes song previews are now online in the iTunes Stores of UK, Ireland, France, Australia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Canada. only 30 second song of  preview was allowed before in the iTunes Store.




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