The Vietnamese site, had posted images to what they claim is a Low Cost iPhone 4. The site says that the photos come from a very reliable source.

low cost iPhone 4

Some other information that you want to transfer to you is that this machine seems to run faster than the iPhone 4, lighter weight and two glass front and back seem to have been replaced by two plastic sheets, type of sensation and cry other than the iPhone 4.

low cost iPhone 4 2 is known to be one of the sites that had early access to iPhone 4 Prototype. They also posted images of iPod Touch prototype with camera as well as 64 GB White iPhone 4 running a special version of iOS 4 with Expose-like multitasking.

Lately, there has been rumors about the launch of two not one iPhone model this year as Apple wants to compete in the mid range smartphone market, and the current iPhone 4 is too expensive to build as is to fill this gap.

Via | macrumors



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