Next Wednesday Could be a big day for Apple Users as reports indicates that the releasing of both The New Mac Boook Air and Mac OS X Lion. The new Mac Book Air will come with Intel SandyBridge processors and Thunderbolt ports.

The Rumor says that these reports are confirmed and Wednesday will actually witness the launching of the new Mac Book Air and Mac OS X Lion as it was announced by Apple at WWDC 2011 that it planned on launching releasing Mac OS X Lion in July, But there is now official announcment from Apple about the new Mac Book Air.
The New Mac Book Air will have the the next generation Intel Core SandyBridge processors, Thunderbolt port and a backlight keyboard. Also there is rumors that Apple is to increase the SSD storage to 124 GB.
Mac OS X Lion comes with lots of awesome new features as it was previewd at WWDC 2011.
Let’s hope the rumors are right ….



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