In a conversation between Comex and MultiMediaWill (who is supposed to be the guy who leaked JailbreakMe 3.0 beta), the popular iPhone hacker Comex has confirmed the iPad 2 jailbreak will be released tomorrow. This leaked mail was published on MacRumors Forums.

The Email message was found by guys over iPhoneItalia where the high resolution image shows a conversation between Comex and this guy.

MultiMediaWill sent:

I don’t know if you got my tweets but I am truly sorry for the leak and If I knew it would turn out like this I wouldn’t have leaked it. I was so happy when I got the PDF and it actually worked that I felt I need to show everyone. Dumb decision, I know, but I removed all my videos and deleted the website. Anyways, the beta is really buggy like you said and really annoying sometimes. I hope you are able to release the JB to everyone soon. Thanks.

Comex replied:
Source: cydiahelp.

No, I didn’t see your tweets (I think they were deleted?) But if no more issues come up, it should be ready by tomorrow.

We’ll be of course here to cover the news tomorrow. Stay tuned!



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