Many Chinese newspapers and sites reported that Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook has been seeing and having meetings with the higher ups at China Mobile (at 10:00 on the 22nd), Even though the Apple executive’s unexplained visit to China Mobile, the industry speculated that it may be to negotiate the introduction of next-generation version of the iPhone 4S or future versions of TD-LTE iPhone.

The reports snap a photo of Cook although it only shows him from the rear. Any way many reports indicated that:

  • Apple and China Mobile had reached (an agreement) that would see a future iPhone developed for the carrier’s TD-LTE 4G network.
  • The same chips could be used for both LTE and TD-LTE which means that Apple could conceivably release a future iPhone capable of running on either standard.

If Cook is indeed in China talking to executives at China Mobile, it seems likely that significant discussions are underway. While any negotiations of this size would likely take place at the senior executive level, Cook’s role as Chief Operating Officer currently in charge of Apple’s day-to-day operations in the absence of Steve Jobs would suggest that his direct involvement signals negotiations of the highest importance.

The China Mobile worker posted this news on a Twitter like microblogging service, Weibo. However, the post was later deleted. While the legitimacy of this source can be questioned, the post being deleted within hours of getting noticed is bound to make the rumour mill churn.
P0sts Fr0m

Redsn0w And GreenPois0n Jailbreak Tools To Go Open Source:
Tow teams, and one target: the target is jailbreak tools to become open source, the first team is iPhone, and the second is Chronic Dev Teams. Both Redsn0w and GreenPois0n are going open source means that the entire source code of the mentioned tools will be available to public for free which allow users to modify the tool to their own liking, or even improve it for the betterment of the jailbreaking community (The main threat of open source is that the so-called hackers and developers repack the source code and sell the softwares with their own names).

iPhone 5 / 4S – Entirely New Design – Announcement by (September / August) With iOS 5?:
Update: Bloomberg reports that the next-generation of iPhone (iPhone 5 / 4S) will feature A5 dual core processor which currently included in iPad 2. Sources also claimed that iPhone 5 / 4S will support 8-megapixel camera.

iOS 5: What Should Fix Before Full Time?:
Apple mentioned 10 major features out of (more than 200 features) they’ve claimed to have added in this latest version of iOS5 (Share HERE).

Orange T-Shirt Allows you to Charge Your iPhone [Video]:
This really cool. Now you are able to charge your iPhone from your T-Shirt. Orange has developed a t-shirt that allows you to charge your iPhone by absorbing sound and converting it into charging energy.



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