Well, Today we have got a good news for iPad 2 users who are waiting for the jailbreak by Comex, P0sixninja the well know hacker said to MyGreatFest the first event event dedicated entirely to the world of the jailbreak to be held in London in September, anyway we have got a confirmed news that right now Comex is working on JailbreakMe iPad and 3.0.

 While the under control and it is possible to be jailbreak the iPhone 5 and as it was mentioned by P0sixninja that it is “Under control” so it looks like that comex found an expliot in bootroom A5 processor.

We just have to wait for more information on Comex, trusting in a rapid release of JailbreakMe 3.0, which should take note – according to ETA published by the hacker – between today and tomorrow.



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