If you remember the release of iPad 2, Apple offered with each iPad 2 a wonderful smart cover, but Today there is a new App and the first one to be released that only work with those smart covers, the App now has come to the App store courtesy of Evernote.

Evernote App is a very simple app and has too many uses specially for the students, for example if you want to answer some questions without looking to it’s answer Evernote will help you, please take a look at this video :


Creating your own study notebooks is easy.First, make sure you have a free Evernote account. This can be added either through the Evernote website or free universal app by the same name.

In Evernote, either choose an existing notebook or make a new one to use with Peek. The note title will become the clue and the note body will become the answer.

For best results, it is recommended to keep the clue to one sentence and the answer to around three sentences.

In Evernote Peek, tap the Add button to add your Evernote notebooks.

The app includes two sample puzzles,“How to use Evernote Peek” and “Sushi Quiz.” Others may be added from within the app, including “Periodic Table Quiz,” “Econ 101,” “Word Quiz,” and others.

In the meantime, download Evernote Peek in the App Store.



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