Just plug your iPhone in each time you enter your vehicle and enjoy the convenience of all of your iPhone’s apps, music, phone, and navigation features on a safe, easy-to-use touch screen monitor.
Yes, all you need for the previous enjoying is Mimics Dash that allows you to operate your iPhone via a touch screen monitor installed in your vehicle.

How it works:
Simply, the touch interface is interpreted by the module and transmitted via Bluetooth to your iPhone, then you can control your iPhone from the monitor! The Module draws power from the Lilliput monitor, and video is supplied to the monitor via the Apple HDMI dock connector (optional). Audio is supplied to your aftermarket amplifier* via the 3.5mm jack on your iPhone (optional). Choose the Mimics Cable Option and we’ll give you all of the necessary cables needed to get video and audio out from your phone and be able to charge while driving.
1. Remove your existing dash panel
2. Install the Mimics Dash
3. Install an aftermarket amplifier of your choice
4. Connect the Mimics Cable kit and you’re ready to go

Note: The company Working on brining Mimics to Android

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