Have you ever wanted ad Mac OS X theme on your Windows 7? Well, here’s a one and it’s for the un-released Mac OS X 10.7 using this transformation pack by HamedDanger. This transformation pack will transform the way your Windows 7 looks into the next-gen Mac OS in a jiffy.

The installation is pretty simple and doesn’t require theme patching of any sort. All you have to do is execute the installer and follow the instructions to transform your OS.

The installer provides you with a lot of choices to chose between. This will let you filter some part of the transformations for example you may choose to get the OS X Lion screensaver but not the wallpaper.

While the installation is fairly simple, such transformation packs can be painful to get rid off. If you’re thinking a restore point would do, even that may not. It is rather recommended that you take a backup of complete computer in case you’d want to revert back later.

Download Mac OS X 10.7 from HERE.
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