A couple videos (shown below) have surfaced from Vietnam that show off what appears to be a prototype iPhone 4 using a fancy Expose-like multitasking feature in an unreleased build of iOS. Here’s what’s worth noting from the videos:

Expose-like multitasking feature looks great
It’s a White iPhone 4 (these are due for release any day now)
The white iPhone in the video has 64GB (!) capacity
The phone is clearly labeled with XX’s over the build, capacity, and serial numbers, suggesting it’s a leaked prototype
The iPhone in the video is running an unreleased build of iOS 4 (Build 8A216) – not iOS 5
Hopefully what we’re seeing is a glance into the future of iOS and iPhone. The Expose multitasking feature looks like an improvement over the existing multitasking functionality. Although the video shows this as a version of iOS 4, we all know Expose doesn’t actually exist in current iOS versions, so maybe we will see something like it in iOS 5. In terms of hardware, it would be great to have the choice of a 64GB iPhone (maybe that will be the White iPhone 4′s selling point?), especially since rumors suggest we’ll have to wait until Fall to see the iPhone 5.

Check out the videos below:

The videos and images are from the Vietnamese site Tinhte (via AOL/Engadget). What gives some credibility to these videos is that the guys from Tinhte.vn are the same group who showed off the white MacBook unibody model several weeks before it was released to the public. Maybe we’re onto something here? It’s also entirely possible that the iPhone is just running a jailbreak hack to implement the multitasking feature, but the hardware itself appears to be a legit prototype.

As always with Apple rumors, there are no guarantees, so until you see this shipping don’t get your hopes up.
Source: osxdaily.com



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