Note: this P0st is translated from a Spanish site
We just know that Apple has sent a complaint to Samsung , accusing the Korean company to choose the easy route and copy the design and appearance of the iPhone and iPad in their own products: the range of phones and tablets Galaxy Galaxy S Pad . Here’s the official reason, word for word:

Instead of innovating and developing its own technology and a unique style of Samsung for their phones and tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, its user interface and innovative style in these products.

The issue can become very complicated: The Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S and first appeared Tab months apart from the launches of new generations of iPhone and the first iPad respectively. Again, this re-ignited the debate of whether Apple is the owner of the design of a table of main screen icons as iOS or whether Samsung has really done wrong by taking a look and feel similar to how to use their devices.

Leaving aside the eternal debate of iOS VS Android, Samsung can get into trouble. Has always come after Apple (well … is that all the competition has come after Apple), and in the past there have been debates as to the similarities of the interface of the Samsung devices with IOS screen. If no agreement is reached, the legal battle may be of catching a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show. We will keep you informed.

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