For years the members of the Dev-team have provided us with easy ways to jailbreak and unlock our Phones. Almost like clock work they produced the tools for us to liberate our phones. We trusted them, did our best not to bother them when the tools took longer than what we wanted, and rejoiced them when the tools were released. And best of all they did it for free.

Then, something happened.

The Dev-Team started listening to our praise. They began to believe their own hype. They had beaten Apple so many times and with relative ease they began to tweet about their next great exploit; the iPhone 4 on new basebands.

They gave us dates, both MuscleNerd and Sherif_Hashim, and the dates passed without an exploit. Finally they gave us an ultimatum, after the release of 4.2.5 or official iOS 4.3, 4.3.1, whatever was later. Don’t believe me? Check out MuscleNerd’s Twitter history. He tweeted that exact comment on Jan 14, 2011

So what happened?

Why no exploit? Simple. The Dev-Team lied to us. They kept us strung out, suffering through endless squabbles with the Chronic Dev team about who came up with what and who leaked what exploit.
They had a throw down with the Chronic Dev Team about who could produce an untether of 4.2.1 faster (which the Chronic Dev Team won by the way, with the release of GreenPoison, a 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak that the Dev-Team had yet to produce).

Every failed delivery date:

With every tweet and every failed delivery date The Dev-Team followers began to grow hostile. And for good reason, they HAD been blatantly lied to. The Dev-Team responded they way they knew how. By lying.

Dev-Team never did promise:

MuscleNerd is adamant about the fact that the Dev-Team never promised release dates. Technically he is right. The Dev-Team never did promise. They did something worse. They Tweeted it. They told the masses that the date was coming. They didn’t have to PROMISE, they had tweeted it. At this point MuscleNerd currently has over 190,000 followers on Twitter. More than half of those followers read that post of Jan 14th, 2011. A promise wasn’t needed.

Jailbreak and Unlock for FREE:

Okay, okay, okay. They do it for free. In my eyes that makes it worse. For years (yes years) the Dev-Team has worked this whole deal as a hobby. That excuse frees them from any type of responsibility from having to produce anything when they say they are going to produce it.

The solution?

Charge us. Charge us a dollar, five dollars, hell I would pay twenty dollars to have my phone unlocked. That would shut them up in a minute. Because now the masses have something invested in the matter and the product must be produced by a said date. But they won’t. That’s too much responsibility. Remember, this is a hobby.

I know, I know. I’m bashing the Dev-Team. After all their years of good service, I’m throwing ‘em under the bus. Someone has to, because the 6 months of lies cannot be let go without a consequence or reaction. In the real world you are held accountable for your actions. The solution is simple. If you don’t have an unlock, don’t say anything. The Chronic-Team only tweets when they have a concrete exploit to share. GreenPoison was released exactly when they said it was going to be released and nothing was said about it before hand. The Dev-Team used to do this. Before they got caught up in their own mystic. Sort of like GeoHotz.

Now, I’ll probably be logged as a troll by both MuscleNerd and Sherif_Hashim should they read this article. That’s ok. I’ll probably get tons of nasty responses from readers about how I could never do what these guys have done. And you’re right. I can’t. Wouldn’t know where to begin. My hat is off to the Dev-Team for the time and the exploits they have produced. Shit, I run my phones on the very tools they provide. The difference between me and the Dev-Team?

I never said I could. I never violated your trust. They did.

This post was written by Jeremy Goodlander


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