The iPhone 5 hasn’t been announced yet — actually, no one knows if it’s even going to be called iPhone 5 — but apparently online retailer Amazon thought it was a good marketing strategy to buy ad links from Google for the search term “iPhone 5.” As noticed by The iPhone 5 News Blog, Amazon has already started advertising the iPhone 5 on Google — the obvious problem being that there’s no iPhone 5 available on the market and the ad takes you to an iPhone 4 page on Amazon.

I don’t think Amazon knows anything about the scheduled release of the next-generation iPhone (which is rumored to happen in Fall this year), and I believe this is simply a tactic to insert a placeholder on Google for people searching for iPhone 5 news on Google, and drive some traffic to Amazon’s iPhone 4 offerings at the same time.

There’s no doubt a lot of “iPhone 5″ searches are performed on Google every day, and it’s pretty clear Amazon is trying to generate some pageviews for these queries — perhaps not cash, as someone who’s looking for an iPhone 5 should recognize he’s being fooled to buy an iPhone 4 instead. Not cool, Amazon. [via Macgasm]



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